Ideate, prototype, test, and validate in just 4 days.

Dyno Labs is a product strategy & innovation lab that focuses on facilitating design sprints

A design sprint helps you ideate, prototype, test, and validate a solution in just 4 days

Design sprints are the fastest way to find out if a product, initiative, or marketing concept is worth developing. Utilize this iterative process to make a decision quick and learn from real end users.

Why invest months of meetings to create something that's not even tested. Get more in this 1 week sprint.

With the option to quickly iterate on the solution during a second week with a fully designed product

How does it work?

The Design sprint is an intense 4 day experience.

On days 1 & 2 we will conduct a workshop with you & your team to define the challenge, ideate, and sketch out possible solutions.

On day 3 we will go back and create a high fidelity prototype to test with real users on day 4.


Define the Challenge
Produce a Mass of Solutions


Curate and Vote on the Best Solutions
Define the Prototype


Design and Build the Prototype
Recruit and Schedule User Tests


Test the Prototype with 5 Real Users
Use Feedback from Testing to Create Clear Next Steps

What do you get from a sprint?

In 1 week you will walk away with documented deliverables that you can use to pitch stakeholders and kickstart your project.
Expert Facilitation
10+ years of teaching experience and a certification in design sprint facilitation from the creator
Explore Multiple Solutions
Don't get stuck on one solution early on, this process will allow everyone to have a voice and for you to come up with the best one
Get aligned across your team
The workshop will help surface ideas, issues, and solutions throughout your team and help you come together to find the best solutions
High-Fidelity Prototype
Not a wireframe or a paper prototype this will look and feel like a real product. You will even get the design files
User Testing Results
You will receive the synthesized feedback along with all of the testing videos
Detailed Final Report
An in-depth report with all the findings, results, and recommended next steps

When is the right time to do a sprint?

Maybe you’re creating a new product...
Don't just start building your first idea. Let’s focus on the problem and test a prototype with your potential users
Or need to improve your existing product...
You may need to increase engagement or explore new features. A sprint can get you results quickly
Or trying to figure out a new product or service offering
In 1 week we can use this method to understand and test either a product or service idea

So.... What's Next?

Let's schedule a free consultation to figure out the best approach to solving your design problem
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